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  1. Optimize Your Firearm For Target Acquisition

    This discussion is about matching target acquisition to cartridge ballistics and then choosing optic features to complete a firearm package including any other improvements. Its a general approach to cover a wide range of inte
  2. Is SB18 a Doorway to More CA Gun Regulation?

    Is SB18 a Doorway to More CA Gun Regulation?Each year California whittles away at our constitutional right to bear arms a bit more and more. And this time their newest idea is even more sneaky. Introducing SB18, a sweeping bil
  3. Why Is Taco Bells Wifi blocking websites like Cabelas?

    Whats up Taco Bell? I dont normally eat at Taco Bell as I dont consider it a healthy restaurant, but I was on the road with my family and we needed to get a quick bite to eat. After sitting down at a booth I jumped on their Wi
  4. Black Guns Matter

    With the current and continual threat to our second amendment rights, we need responsible citizens willing to speak out and defend them. And at the same time, we need individuals to address gun violence that we are seeing in o
  5. Dont Let Back Pain Keep You From The Outdoor Sports You Love

    The American Chiropractic Association estimates that approximately 31 million Americans experience back pain at any given moment. Experts also estimate that roughly 80% of all Americans will experience it at some point in thei

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